Welcome all Castaways!

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10 Year Photo Challenge – 2009 vs 2019

Noah key 2009 younger old photoThe boys have all celebrated the new year by adding their 2009 vs 2019 photos. It’s crazy to see how much they’ve changed -but then ten years is a long time.

Have you seen these pics yet? Who do you think has changed the most, and who still looks exactly the same?

In case you are having any trouble, Noah is the portrait-orientated photo with his face right up in the camera. Jacob is in a field for some reason -a common theme in Chapter 13 photos. Jake shows how has graduated from playing some sort of bag to a guitar. And Tom grew two more arms in 2019… or maybe those are somebody else’s.

Jacob Chapter 13 2009 childhood photo younger

Tom Abisogld Chapter 13 Ten Year challenge 2009 childhood photo younger

Jake Slack 13 Ten Year challenge 2009 childhood photo younger

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Tickets for Dingwalls Gig On Sale Now!

Dingwalls concert tickets on saleI’m sure everybody has heard about this, and have your tickets already, but just in case…

Chapter 13 are having their first gig of 2020 at Dingwalls, London on the 6th of February! You can buy tickets here! The age restriction is 14+, but if you’re under 16 you need an adult with you. It’s a Thursday night, the doors open at 7PM and the show starts at 8PM. Thursday might be awkward for anyone who has a long way to travel, but if you’re in London you’re sorted -it’s NW1.

The tickets are general admission and £17.10 each. I think that’s pretty much all the info you need.

Here is a week-old video Chapter 13 posted on their youtube channel promoting it:

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Welcome Castaways!

It seemed about time that Chapter 13 had a proper site for fans! The most built out parts of this site are the lyrics section and band member facts. Next on the list will be adding photos and more detail in the ‘About the Band’ page.

What else should be on here? If you want to help or can think of anything it needs, leave a comment!